Ubud famous with traditional village, located in Ubud sub district, Gianyar Regency - Bali. About 20 km from Denpasar Town. Ubud has taken much attention from tourists who are amazed with Balinese culture since many years ago.
Not a question, if Ubud site is mainly used as a place to learn art or foreign tourists. They live here and they fill the days by interacting with the locals. The artists, composers and western graduates come to do researches while enjoying the joy of living in Ubud.
Ubud Village is a traditional village supervising 13 Banjar (group of community) and 6 custom countryside. It is Ubud Vilage can be reached within 30 minutes or 15 minutes from Gianyar Town and this place is situated in the high land about 300 meter above sea level. Range 29 km from Denpasar and can be reached in about 60 minutes from the International Airport Ngurah Ray.
Ubud is surrounded by the good temperature compare with other regions in Bali where the temperatures are relative cool that is ideally for everyone to stay in this beautiful place. This village is occupied 9.800 peoples which most of them are Hindu. They able to keep the environment naturally so that way this place usually used by many tourist/people/actors to get the art inspiration.
Ubud Village is also well known as a culture village where easily find the local community presenting traditional cultures from the ritual up to the traditional dance performances.
This village own the rich culture with the history heritage of all big actors, especially all famous artists, for example I Gusti Nyoman Lempad (1862 - 1978), Anak Agng Gede Sobrat (1919 - 1992), I Gusti Made Deblog (1910 - 1968), afterward caught up by others like, I Gusti Ketut Kobot, Ida Bagus Made, Dewa Putu Bedil, Ida Bagus Rai and others.
The popularity of all above artists follows to give the inspiration to all west artists to live in Ubud Bali. In year 1920's, two European artist people that are Rudolf Bonnet from Dutch and Walter Spies from Germany inscribe the new history of artistic growth paint the countryside of Ubud. Second, the European artist introduce the European esthetics technique especially illumination area, shadow, perspective and anatomy. All local artists permeate the new technique matching with value and base on local mind fixed take the traditional so that able to give the separate identity by the name Ubud. Ubud Village progressively famous as a born area of all painters because the existence of the cooperation between Tjokorda Gede Agung Sukawati and Rudolf Bonnet to form the Pita Maha. Pita Maha represent a place to discuss the artistic growth and problem paint, and also to compare mind to each other and introducing result of art which they own.
There are also a lot of luxurious hotels & Villas in Ubud that are artistic and simply accomodated in Ubud, and this makes Ubud a “Tourists’ Village”. In tour routes, they usually visit Kintamani ater Ubud.
It’s not exaggerating if Ubud is called as the paradise of art and crafts shopping and the center of culture in Bali. Ubud has known as cultural tourist attraction internationally and domestically.