Bali maybe an island, but it is a big one. If you’ve got only for a few days, don’t try to see it all. Instead pick a base, either beside the sea or up in the hills, and do day trips from there.
Exploring Bali is less about seeing the sights and more about getting to know the locals and gaining an insight into the local culture.
Rule# 1: Be sun smart
It can be tempting to spend your first day under the sun as you warm those winter-chilled bones, but a dose of sunburn can not only make the rest of your holiday a painful affair, it can also lead to skin cancer. Always use plenty of sunscreen.
Rules # 2: Slow down
Bali’s tropical heat and humidity can sap energy levels, so don’t rush, and try and keep out of the sun in the middle of the day. Drink a lots of water not beer.
Rules # 3: Relax, you are on holiday
Don’t try to do too much, or fit too much in. You are in Bali to wind down, so allow time to just chill out and do nothing. Massages work wonders when it comes to fast tracking relaxation.
Rules # no 4: Patience is a virtue.
Things take longer to happen in Bali. You will most likely learn this hard way as you spend two hours at the immigration queue on arrival only to find yourself stuck in traffic on the way from airportwhile a religious ceremony takes place in the middle of the read. Always allow plenty of extra time to get from A-B.
Rules # 5 : Be polite
Balinese people are also polite. Raising your voice or showing anger is consider rude, so no matter how frustrated you are, keep it nice and you will have more chance of getting things resolves the way you want.
Rules # 6 : Keep your cool
The constant attention of people offering you transport or massages or trying to sell you something can be annoying and infuriating. Don’t lose your temper if they won’t take no for an answer. Remember they are only trying to earn for a living. If you can’t be polite ignore them. They will leave you alone once they realize they can’t make a sell.
Rules # 7: Bargain hard.
Rules# 8: Get out and explore
It can be very tempting to spend your entire holiday in Bali just lazing beside the pool, shopping or bar hopping. Bali has one of the richest culture’s on planet, and some of them most beautiful landscapes, so get out and explore.
Rules #9: Forget about driving
Sure it is easy enough to hire a car, but the dearth of formal road rules and insane traffic makes driving in Bali an extreme sport. Hiring a car and driver is not only affordable, it is stress free.
Rules# 10: Always carry a sarong
Not only are they handy to dry off with if you find yourself with an unexpected swimming opportunity or soaked by sudden downpour, but you will need to wear one to enter a temple, whether you are male of female.